The Egg Vase

Right before Easter, I was baking something that required quite a few eggs in the recipe. It seemed like a shame to toss these beautiful brown eggs after cracking.  I carefully cracked them from the top and cut away an opening.  I rinsed them and used them as these little "vases" for sweet peas and muscari.  Any small flower would work in the dainty containers.



The Gilded Egg

A few weeks before Easter, I had a lovely group of ladies in my Egg Gilding class.  We tried out the new variegated leaf and the results were simply gorgeous.  These solid wood eggs took on a marbelized look with hints of blue and red.  Perfect for Spring and Easter decor.


Carpet of Moss Arrangement in Paris and at home 


While attending flower school in Paris, we put together this delightful Spring arrangement in a cage.  When I got home, I put together my version of what I had done in Paris.


Fleurs à Paris

I recently attended Catherine Muller Flower School in Paris.  It was truly an amazing experience.  The week I attended was called Garden Style Florist.  It was wonderful for me because it really forced me out of my comfort zone.  Everything we did was very natural and unconstructed.  Here are just a few of the arrangements I worked on that week.  What's better than flowers in Paris?

One of the arrangements we did was called The Great Green Candelabra.  This would have been great for a wedding or on a large buffet table at a party.  Everything we did that week was demonstrated by the instuctor first and then we did the arrangement ourselves. Here is my finished work below.


Bouquet of the Fields  

 A beautiful, natural hand tied bouquet using scabiosa, anemone, lillies, clematis and ivy.


Bouquet Luck

 As you can see in the photo below, the flowers were layed out flat on a surface and then at each end we rolled up the flowers towards the center and with any "luck", you had a beautiful bouquet.  Love it!  

The finished product, I felt "lucky".


Arrangement from the Orchard

This was the very last arrangement we did that Friday afternoon. We were given buckets of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen.  The goal was to create an arrangement that was natural and swept from one side to another.  I admit that I struggled a bit with this arrangement but with flowers this beautiful, you can't really go wrong.



Christmas Past

It's hard to believe that the holidays are behind us.  Here are just a few images from some of the wreath classes in December.  I had several delightful and enthusiastic groups.  Their creations were beautiful!