Blooms By You... the Beginning

Flowers add so much to your home.  Whether it’s a grand arrangement by a professional or a simple bunch of tulips from your local grocery store, flowers make a house a home.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to become more proficient at designing arrangements for my own home.  I have taken classes from some of the best around the country.  Not only did I learn the basics of design but discovered along the way that there is something magically soothing about arranging your own flowers.   It is a lovely distraction from life’s day to day tasks. 

I have created a studio so I can share with you what I have learned.  From novice to those of you who are looking for more experience, come let your creativity "bloom" in this cozy setting.   

-Chris Stoneberg


My Credentials and Floral Activities:

  • Flower School New York
      Beginning and Intermediate Weeks  
  • Matthew Robbins  
       Floral Editor Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Charles Masson
       Floral Designer and proprietor La Grenouille NY
  • Elizabeth Ryan
       Elizabeth Ryan Floral Design NY
  • Jane Packer New York
       Classic and Contemporary Design Courses
  • Ariella Chezar Floral Workshops-Sonoma
       The Art of the Compote
  • Catherine Muller Flower School: Paris

  Currently Participating in:

  •    Flower Committee deYoung Museum San Francisco
  •    Bouquets to Art deYoung Museum SF
  •    Orinda Garden Club